Coto Restaurante

About Coto

Coto Resturante is situated on the winding Ronda road, between the two entrances to La Zagaleta and opposite El Madroñal. The restaurant boasts breathtaking views over the Andalusian countryside to the Mediterranean Sea.

The original building was built in 1978 and was owned by a Spanish family who ran it as "El Coto Restaurante" for many years. Later, the family rented it to other people to run it. In August 2018 the family decided to sell the building and the land on which it sits, which is when the current owners bought it.

At the time of purchase, the building was in a terrible state and it was clear that extensive refurbishment was needed. Clive Rogers (Head Chef and Owner) says the aim of the project was to "connect the natural Andalusian landscape with the interior of the restaurant, blending in with nature but with prominent architecture without being an eyesore". In collaboration with local architect Juan Salvador Shvartzberg, Clive spent the next two years planning, designing and obtaining the various permits and licenses necessary to carry out the works.

The Atlas Group was commissioned to carry out the construction and the renovation started in October 2020. The first step was to go back to basics and demolish many illegal structures that had been added to the original building. The next big step was to create a metal structure to give stability to the remaining original building.

Throughout the project, the team used a mix of materials, taking inspiration from the natural landscape but keeping in mind the need to create a striking architectural design (but not an eyesore!).

The exterior cladding of the building is made of imitation wood staves. The entire façade of the restaurant is made up of floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, ensuring plenty of natural light inside and the feeling of being outside even when inside. Inside, wood is also very present, with wooden floors and wood panelling on the walls. The bar and bathroom countertops are made of oversized porcelain. The kitchen is custom-designed by Pilsa. The wrap-around terraces are covered by louvres and shade is provided by mature cork oaks. The water feature and garden have been carefully landscaped.

The entire refurbishment took 22 months and the Coto Restaurant opened its doors on 10 August 2022.